Tenant Handbook

Tenant Moving Guidelines

Moving and/or large furniture deliveries must be scheduled at least one week in advance, and shall be accomplished on weekdays after normal business hours (normal business hours are 7:00am – 6:00pm) and any time on Saturday and Sunday.  The Property Management Office must be notified in advance of any move in order to assure availability of the freight elevator.  Freight elevator reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis through the Property Management Office.  All deliveries and move-ins/move-outs shall take place through the loading dock of the building.

All moves require a walkthrough of the common area adjoining the premises the day before the move.  The walk-through will take place with representatives of the Tenant, moving company, and Property Management in order to determine any damage that may or may not exist in the common area prior to the move.

An authorized representative of the Tenant must be on the premises to oversee the move from the time that the moving company arrives until the time they leave.  Property Management is not responsible for providing access to the premises nor are they responsible for securing the space afterwards.  In no instance shall a representative from Property Management sign-off on a delivery of furniture or for a completion of a move in place of the tenant.

It is the responsibility of the mover/tenant to perform the move in the safest manner possible, avoid blocking the building corridors, entrances and exits, and avoid accumulation of large amounts of combustible materials.   Staging of items in common areas, hallways, and at entrances to the building is not permitted.

Flooring protection must be placed from the loading dock to the freight elevator.  On the tenant floors, the corridor from the freight elevators to tenant spaces must be protected with either plywood or Masonite.  Walk-off plates must be provided to protect door thresholds.  Proper protection for building property must be provided by the moving company.   No move shall take place until the Property Management has approved the placement of all protection.

Removal of plywood, Masonite, tape, tape adhesive residue, corner boards, empty containers, boxes and carts from public areas (corridors, elevators, lobby, etc.) must be completed prior to the following business day.  Cardboard boxes must be broken down.  If there is excess trash that will not fit in the compactor, Property Management will arrange for additional trash service and the tenant will be invoiced accordingly.

Property Management may arrange to have a security officer or other staff oversee the move. The extra time is billed to the tenant.

Property Management will arrange for repair of all damages incurred by the movers.  Damage repair is billed to the tenant.