Tenant Handbook


Parking at 1601 Wewatta is for building and public use.  Any vehicle found to be violating the posted signs will be towed from the premises.  Additionally, any vehicles left on the premises for any extended period of time without pre-approval from the Property Management Office will be removed from the premises at the owner's expense.

To obtain parking garage transponders in accordance with the allotted number (as outlined in the Lease), please contact the Property Management Office who will coordinate with Parkwell.  A separate parking agreement will also need to be signed which will be administered through our parking management company. The number of transponders you request will determine the time frame in which we can complete the programming, testing and delivery of your order.  Costs associated with the garage transponders are dictated by your Lease.

Transponders can be re-assigned from one employee to another, but a request for such re-assignment must go through the parking garage management company. To signup for monthly parking, order validations or for any other inquiries, please contact Parwell at 720-504-3620, email the Parking Manager at andre@goparkwell.com or visit the website at www.goparkwell.com/1601wewatta .

Please note that transponders are equipped with an anti-passback feature which prohibits the ability to allow more than one car through the entry/exit terminal.  Once a transponder has been read by one of the terminal sensors the transponder will not work again at that particular terminal until the transponder has been read by the other entry/exit terminal first.

Based upon availability, tenants may elect to Lease additional unreserved parking spaces (beyond those stipulated in the Lease) in the garage on a month-to-month basis.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at the Property Management Office at (303) 534-0863.