About 1601 Wewatta


Property Address: 1601 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202
Property Type: Class AA Office w/ Ground Level Retail
Architect: HOK Architects, Washington D.C
Project Status: Completed in late June, 2015.
Rentable Area: 299,127 SF (including approximately 17,400 SF of Ground Level Retail)
Average Floorplate Size: 31,555 Square Feet
Parking Ratio: Four (4) levels of sub-grade parking with 401 parking spaces (1.34: 1,000 SF)


1601 Wewatta features state-of-the-art characteristics at today’s market rents. Features include 10’ finished ceilings (currently not being offered anywhere in the market), LEED certification, and outdoor terrace options on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th floors. 1601 Wewatta has also been constructed using natural stone, a higher quality building material than precast concrete.


Large efficient floor plates, high-end plaza environment on the first floor, outdoor terrace options on select floors, gym and workout facility, 10’ ceilings, full-height glass walls, ground floor retail including restaurant spaces with patio seating, adjacent to Union Station with easy access to Downtown Denver, I-25, RTD light rail, and the surrounding residential areas.

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