Tenant Handbook


At 1601 Wewatta, all deliveries are made to the loading dock area with entry from the Wewatta Street side.  Goods are then transported to tenant space using the freight elevator unless other arrangements are made through the Property Management Office. The loading dock exit is located on Chestnut Place. The loading dock does not co-mingle with the parking garage. This practice is important because it:

  • Maintains the professional image of the building by keeping the front entry clear of delivery traffic
  • Limits the wear and tear caused by deliveries to one location
  • Keeps the Fire Lane in front of the building clear to comply with fire codes

Loading Dock Clearance: The loading dock clearance is level is 12'2", so delivery vehicles must be under that height to safely enter without causing any damage.

The loading dock is secured at all times by an overhead coiling door.  All deliveries must check in with Security by pressing the call button at the entrance to the loading dock.

Signs are placed on the property to direct deliveries to these entrances and tenants are asked to communicate these instructions to their delivery vendors and personnel.

Both large and small deliveries (such as courier service, office supplies, water delivery, etc.) are expected to use the loading dock and freight elevator.

Large Deliveries

For large deliveries, such as furniture, equipment or a large quantity of supplies, arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance with Property Management.  Deliveries must be scheduled outside normal business hours and must be supervised by a tenant representative.

Loading and Delivery Disclaimer

The delivery and shipping of merchandise, supplies, fixtures and other materials or goods to or from the Premises and all loading, unloading and handling thereof shall be done only at such times in such areas by such means and through such elevators, entrances, halls and corridors as are reasonably designated by Landlord.  Landlord may from time to time make and amend regulations for the orderly and efficient operation of the Project's delivery facilities.

Insurance Disclaimer

Tenant shall ensure that all vendors are fully insured and meet all minimums as applicable by law and per the terms and conditions of the Lease.  Landlord accepts no liability and is hereby relieved and released by Tenant in respect of (a) the acts or omissions of any Person(s) engaged in the operation of such delivery facilities, including with respect to any acceptance, holding, handling, delivery of dispatch of any of Tenant's goods (or any delay in doing or failure to do any of the same); and (b) damage, loss, theft or any error, negligence or delay therein which is not caused by Landlord's negligence of willful misconduct.