Tenant Handbook


Tenant Insurance:

 All tenants are required to maintain Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and any Auto insurance at the limits of coverage stated in their Lease. Tenants must maintain a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the Property Management Office and their third-party insurance management vendor, MyCOI, evidencing coverage at all times.  Insurance requirements are outlined in your Lease and your Insurance Certificate must name the Landlord as the Certificate Holder. 

There will also be requirements for listing the following Additional Insureds: Hines Interests Limited Partnership; PPF OFF 1601 Wewatta Street, LLC.


Vendor Insurance:

All contractors doing work on the premises are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing insurance coverage in the amounts required by the Landlord.


Incidents/Property Damage/Personal Injury Claims

Please report any personal injury or property damage incidents to Property Management immediately.  A Property Management representative will document the incident in accordance with the Landlord’s insurance representative for handling.