Tenant Handbook


New York Life Insurance Company is the Lender for 1601 Wewatta Street.  As the Lender, they require that all rents, additional rent and all other monetary obligations owed to Landlord in connection with your Lease be sent to an account in favor of Lender, to secure certain of Landlord's obligation to Lender.

Rent is due on the 1st of every month.  Please note that we do not invoice monthly for rental charges.  If you need a supporting document for your records, we suggest making a copy of the rent schedule included with your annual rent start letter sent at the Commencement of your Lease or prior to a new year.  Please refer to your Lease for further instructions.  The lockbox address of where rent payments are to be sent is listed below:


Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Account Name: HSMPT 1601 Wewatta LLC

Account #: 4854580479

ABA#: 121 000 248


Lockbox address:

HSMPT 1601 Wewatta LLC

PO BOX 912956

Denver, CO 80291-2956


Overnight Delivery:

Lockbox Services # 912956

HSMPT 1601 Wewatta LLC

MAC C7301-L25

1740 Broadway St. – LL2

Denver, CO 80274