Tenant Handbook

Security/Card Access

1601 Wewatta is equipped with an access card system that controls access after business hours to the building.  Some of the features of the system include:

  • Maintains a record and can produce activity reports of all cards used to access the building after hours (card number, date, time, door location, etc.)
  • Enables a card for assignment to an individual
  • Can customize the hours of access programmed for individual cards
  • Can disable lost/stolen card key(s)

To obtain the initial set of access cards, an Access Card / Key(s) Form will need to be completed and submitted to the Property Management Office.  A sample of this form is on the following page.  The number of cards you request will determine the time frame in which we can complete the programming, testing, and delivery of your order.


Kindly advise your staff that there is a replacement fee for a lost or stolen card, as well as for any additional access cards requested after the initial batch is distributed at Lease Commencement.  It is each tenant’s responsibility to submit a request through the Angus Work Order System to provide Property Management with notice as soon as possible if you wish to deactivate a card, especially in the event of an involuntary termination of an employee.


Access cards can be reassigned from one employee to another by submitting an access card request through the Angus Work Order System with the name change so that programming is correct and we can maintain accurate records.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at the Property Management Office (303) 534-0863.