Tenant Handbook

Recycling Program

1601 Wewatta is equipped with "single-stream" recycling capabilities.  Single-stream means that all recyclable items may be co-mingled and do not require separation at the point of collection.  Separation of the various recyclable components is done at an off-site facility. The following items can be recycled through the building's recycling program:

Paper Products:

Cardboard        Office Paper         Magazines        Junk Mail

Phonebooks     Paperboard          Newspapers      Brown Paper Bags



Plastics #1-7                        Aluminum Cans             Glass Bottles & Jars      

Steel cans (canned food)    Empty Aerosol Cans       Aluminum Foil/Pie Tins

*Plastic bags, garbage, and soiled food items are not permitted in the recycling containers.*


Please refer to the following page for illustration and more detail on recyclable items.   We also encourage you to contact Property Management to set up a time to coordinate a kick off meeting with Waste Management on proper waste and recycling efforts, and to order recycling containers.